of rain, of thoughts, of feelings, My body made of a flood of oxygen, blood, cells, neurons, and atoms.   My mouth speaking of flood of words, letters, syllables, and phrases. My brain thinking a flood of thoughts, ideas ,and feelings. I’m a flood of it all. And floods can not be held, Can not […]

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How to make me.

I think that if you were to get all the things that are needed to create a Megan, A Megan exactly like me, You would need, A lot of Rice noodles cooked and fried. Diet coke, Corgi thoughts, A handful of Harry Potter thoughts, Sushi, Hopeless romantic thoughts, a voice recorder to ramble on and […]

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Fifty Words

Rude, arrogant, mean, selfish, Bitch. All words that have once been used to describe me, Nice, Sweet, Kind, Funny, Angelic, Other words that have been used to describe me. Sexy, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Busty, Body. The words used to describe my body. I’m my own person, Stop labeling my existence, please.

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I turned another year today, blew out the candles again, I made another wish, that probably won’t come true. But I’m here to see another year, Here to see what, or why, I’m meant to be here. So happy birthday to me.

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Seeing differently

My glasses are black, with purple on the inside rims. Plastic, not metal frames. They’re kind of bulky, they even slip down my nose once or twice an hour. They’re two different bifocal prescriptions in the lenses. with purple on the inside rims. Plastic, not metal frames. They’re kind of bulky, they even slip down […]

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Things I want to tell you.

I have a whole laundry list of things I want to tell you, if you’d like to hear, I can start, with, I like your hair, It’s soft and fluffy. I want to run my fingers through it.nd, And, I like the way you laugh, And the Jokes you tell, Can always make me smile, […]

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Meaning of life 

I don’t know what the meaning of life is, nor do I really know what life as a general statement is. I can give you the dictionary definition of life; google defines it as the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding […]

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The Blanket That Never Covers

The blanket was never warm, and was always missing when I needed it most, It was always scratchy and had some sort of stain stuck on the fabric, It seemed to be used by everyone, But me, even thought I was the one always washing it, drying it and folding it, I’d place the blanket […]

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Purple Hair

Purpled hair, Crazy girl. So in love with the world, I wish I could be like that girl, with the purple hair, so carefree.   

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