The only boy to buy me flowers.

The only guy to buy me flowers was my best friend. He and I were going to our senior prom, and we were really only going because it was an American tradition to go. I remember trying not to be so happy that my prom date had gotten me flowers, it threw me completely off guard and I really didn’t expect them. I left them in my little car for prom, on my passenger side seat. I got home that night, maybe around 3 a.m., and I put the flowers in a glass vase, filled it up with water and put the special living powder into the water. I left them out on the countertop and just marveled at it for a few moments. Prom wasn’t really fantastical, it wasn’t how I had dreamed it would go as a little girl. But Prom with my best friend wasn’t too bad. We were both dressed up, and he even had his hair gelled back. I wore a long two piece dress, and he even matched my dress. We did our pictures at a deserted little park, and I’m pretty sure that his mom wanted to take a dozen more pictures but him and I both high tailed out of there pretty quickly. Prom went okay, I had a fun time with my classmates, and I misplaced my wheelchair, all in all though, was a really memorable night.

The flowers stayed alive for nearly three weeks. My mom and I took really great care of them, and I got to see them every morning for three whole weeks. It was really great. I even pressed one of the daisies and one of the roses into my Harry Potter Deathly Hallows book by J.K. Rowling! I have since laminated them and keep them around as bookmarks.

He’s the only boy to have ever given me flowers, and I guess he taught me that maybe I’m worth more than a stand-up date, or some girl to just use and throw away the next week. We’re still best friends, and I’m really thankful to have him in my life.

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