What’s next?


I”ve completed high school, I’ve started my college credits, I have a job, I’ve taken care of my health, I feel like my life is on track again. There’s calmness, normalness, and even peace in my world again. I can finally begin to heal, I am healing, and I no longer dread getting out of bed in the mornings.

My anxiety, I can tuck it away leave it on the back burner finally. Not saying that I don’t still have it, it’s more or less just not boiling over on the front burner, boiling hot and burning me twenty-four seven, as I try to remain calm.

I really don’t know what is next, I know that I’ll have to get my knees replaced in the coming years. I know that I’ll be off to my first semester of college away from home in the fall. I know that next month my sister will be going to band camp, and I know that next week I have a dentist appointment and I know that tomorrow I work from 10-3.

But, what is next? What’s next for me?

I don’t know what is next though, I don’t know where I’m going, who I may meet, or How I may get there. I just know that whatever happens to be next, I will be able to handle it head on with arms open wide embracing the coming change.

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