My brain and you.

Am I supposed to miss you? I feel as if maybe I should, or maybe I should feel guilty. But I can not, I can not feel guilty or lost, I don’t know how to miss you anymore. I’ve thought about you a time or two, and some days you slip into my mind unnoticed at first, then my brain realizes you’re there.

My brain greets you with anger at first, how the hell, why the hell are you here again? But then, my brain and you discuss old matters, and talk about the good times, the new times, how life has been for me and you guys talk about how you’ve been. You tell my brain that you’ve been well, better even. That you’re happy and you smile.

You leave my mind, quietly you exit. I let myself think of you and then I let it go.

I’m no longer hurt, sad, or whatever you want to call it. You’re the past and I’m locking the door to my brain. No more quietly sneaking in for you.

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