Quick write poem 04/22/2017

“Life of time”

You want to dance,

But who has the time to spin on their toes?

You want to drive, 

But who has the gas and the time to go anywhere?

You want to cry,

But who has the time to have red puffy eyes?

You want to sing,

But who has the time to learn all those notes?

You want to fly,

But who has the material to make wings to lift a human?


Because when else are you gonna do it?


Because life exists outside of your home town.


Because nobody will remember your red puffy eyes tomorrow.


Because wrong notes are still musical.


Because your whispered wishes will Carry your weight under your feathered wings.


Because nobody else is gonna do it for you,

Because they have their own time and their own life to live for themselves.


Because nobody can carry out your wishes, dreams, plans, hopes or ambitions like you can. 

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