I think that if you were to get all the things that are needed to create a Megan,

A Megan exactly like me,

You would need,

A lot of Rice noodles cooked and fried.

Diet coke,

Corgi thoughts,

A handful of Harry Potter thoughts,


Hopeless romantic thoughts,

a voice recorder to ramble on and on and on about medical things, new things, funny things, everything.

Pencils and Pens,

Lemon Cake,


All things cuddly,

Asian Stereotyping dust,

And a star.

And you would mix it all in a pot,

Boil it to 400 Degrees,

For maybe,

18 years,

give or take,

a day or two.

You’ll get a Megan.

A Megan exactly like the Megan I am now.