I have a whole laundry list of things I want to tell you,

if you’d like to hear,

I can start,


I like your hair,

It’s soft and fluffy.

I want to run my fingers through it.nd,


I like the way you laugh,

And the Jokes you tell,

Can always make me smile,

Or I can start somewhere else on the list of things I want to say,


I really like your taste in music,

with the varying genres,

Country, Rock, Indie, and Alternative.

And the way your hugs are simply perfect,

The kind I can always count on to be the best hugs ever,

I’d tell you,

How I could simply listen to you talk,



Everything really.

I want to tell you that,

I like,

everything about you,

and I don’t know where I want to start,

I want to start,

on the laundry list of things I want to tell you,

I want to tell you,

and I’m afraid,

that if I start,

I’ll never stop.

Because on that list,

Are the things that always make me smile,


the list,

is all about


And the most important thing I want to say,

to make sure that you hear,

is that,

I love