Quick Poem 3.2.17

It’s me,

With my deep dark brown, damn near black eyes.

It’s me,

With my wavy dark brown hair, that never needs combed.

It’s me,

With my contagious smile, and button nose.

It’s me,

With my small framed body, and the appetite of a giant.

It’s me,

With shorts on, and sunglasses on.

You know it’s me,

Because a duplicate wouldn’t have,

A love for you,

A quiet comment for everything,

A love affair for books,

A slight limp to her gait,

A hard time focusing,

A messy room,

A thought for everything,

A nervous tick for all hours of the day,

A want to sleep all hours of the day,

It’s me,

You know it’s me,

Who else can stand to read a book cover to  cover ten times over?

Who else has an addiction to diet coke, and sugar snap peas?

Who else can sing and dance, but also sulk in the dark for hours?

Who else will argue with you till you finally laugh and let her win?

Who else can sneak up behind you and make you laugh out loud?

Who else urges the good out of everything, and everyone?

Who else wants rice and noodles over real food?

It’s me,

A girl with a heart on her sleeve,

A girl who has a fire in her soul,

And warmth in her heart.

It’s me,

Please don’t forget,

It’s me.

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