Us, and U.S.


We sit on our ass’s

up on top,

with big cars,

big houses,

big phones,

Big tv’s,

big dogs,

big pocketbooks,

big egos,

and all we can say is





We sit upon luxury after luxury,

dressed in silk, cotton, diamonds, silver, and gold,

We eat like kings,

day in and day out,

and yet all we beg for,

All we keep asking is,




How can we declare ourselves better,

if all we have to show for it is stuff that we can’t bring to our next life?

Where do we find the power to govern those below us,

when we’ve never lived below the middle class?

How can you say you’re kind,

When all you know is the kindness of your own pocket book?

How can you tell the world you’re doing the greater good for everyone,

When all you’re benefitting is your own peace of mind?

How is it the man on top,

shitting on us all,

speaks for us all?

what a shame,

some of us will never even try to understand.




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