I’m not angry at the world, I’m angry at myself. I’m angry because I can think and plea and make deals with God, but in reality I have to want to change for myself. The world doesn’t me anything, and I’m stupid for thinking that it ever did, the world owes nothing to everyone. It’s the people that owe everything to the world. I learned that I can’t be mad at the world, I only have myself to blame because I let myself think this lowly of myself, I let myself get taken advantage of, I let myself be sad, I let myself get to be where I am. I can’t do that. Life isn’t fair, but I can make it fair for myself in the way I act.

The world owes me nothing.

I owe the world everything.

I have to be able to make my own path, I have to give to myself what I think i deserve. The world doesn’t decide that, I do.

God can only guide me so much, I have to be able to do the rest.

I have to want to change.

I have to want to love myself.

It’s nobody else’s decision, nobody owes me anything.

I have to give to myself,

what I want, what I need.

I’m going to be the best me I can possibly be,

not because someone else told me to,

but because I want to.

I need to see myself progress,

I need to see myself do better,

I need to see myself face my fears,

I need to see myself gain these achievements, and reach the milestones in life.

I am Megan.

I owe to myself to give myself the life I want.

I can only make that happen.

Because I’m the only one who has seen, witnessed, and been with myself through everything.

I am the center of My universe,

and I’m never going to let little things trip me up and try to stop me from reaching my destinations.