Quick Poem 1.20.17

Middle school me,

So naive,

The world is ahead of me,

But the problems I am facing,

I wonder what is coming,

If right now I’m worrying about next weeks’ history test,

Today I worry what joint will go next, 

Yesterday was so easy,

Back in middle school,

I was innocent,

Wide eyed, and dreams that are still dreams

The world hasn’t touched me yet,

My life isn’t drenched in,

Blood from myself.

Or chemotherapy in the drip.

My skin is bare from scars and hardships,

How could I have been so stressed about one guy liking me?

In the sixth grade?

Sixth grade seems like ages ago,

Hard to believe it was only six years in the past.

Lot’s happened little me,

I just wish I could prepare you a bit more for what is coming.

I don’t want to scare you,

I won’t spoil the ending for you,

I don’t even know the ending really,

I only know what comes between now and then.

You predicted a few things correctly,

You did get a boyfriend eventually,

You did get into the University of Arkansas.

Obama did win the re-election,

You made All Region Band,

You even made the honor roll.

Little me,

I wish I could tell you,

But I can only give you advice,

I want you to know,

Don’t worry about boys,

You have bigger fish to fry,

Keep your head high,

Keep your family close,

You’ll fight with Claire, dad, and mom too,

But in the end they’ll be there for you.

I opened your letter little me,

I’m just glad together at that age we were big dreamers,

I’m glad we make it this far,

I’m glad we are so strong even then.

Little me,

You’ll be bold,

You’ll be stronger,

You’ll be better,

Little me,

This is the start,

I wish I could tell you,

You’ll meet these wonderful people,

Your life will be saved,

You’ll find such a bright light,

In such a dark place.

Little me,

Good luck to you,

Good luck to me.

I hope future me remembers to write me back in a few years.


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