Dance with me. 

I know I’m probably no good, 

I’ll probably step on your feet, 

And stumble a bit, 

And I know my knees are shaky, 

And my feet not coordinated with my Brain, 

But dance with me please. 

As we dance, 

Our movement will become more graceful, 

More thoughtful, 

Continuous and romantic even. 

More like a river flow than rushing waves.

And the fumbling, and stumbling will become 

Swishes and swoops and steps in line. 

Let the music carry our souls and pair us together as we dance, 

Dance with me, 

Look me in the eyes and let me hold you close to me as we waltz or salsa or a simple slow dance. 

Let me fall, but never touch the ground, 

Let me show you the prince you are, 

Dance with me, 


I promise I’ll try to be as charming as you my dear prince. 

-Sometimes the princess asks the prince to dance. 

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