Night dreams,

Nap dreams,


Sometimes they are crazy with yourself flying across the sky made of mashed potatoe clouds,

Sometimes it’s romantic with the cute guy you met in class, 

Sometimes it’s happy memory lane, seeing someone you haven’t for years and you just catch up and it’s nice,

Sometimes you’re thrown back in time, to a time that you thought you had erased from your life. It’s dark and creepy with that haunted house music, you’re running and screaming and then you wake up, 

Nap dreams full of snacks, and good people. 

Day dreams, where do you see yourself in five years? Is that guy sitting next to you what if you talked to him and you guys maybe date? 

Dreams of all sorts.

Just an alternate world. 

We all vacation there, 

Some of us live there too, 

Dreams are funny.