Were all frauds. Nobody has said an original thought in years, 

Nothing is ever new news. 

Originality has been thrown, 

Our thoughts molded and shaped but not truely our own. 

We regenerate what others have been saying and writing for centeries,

We’re following aimlessly in hopes of the next “new thing” 

But we can’t come up with anything any more original than a blank piece of paper these days. 

Tell me son,

Have you ever had a real true thought that is wholly your own? 

A thought that wasn’t a restatement of what others have shown? 

We’re following the latest trends my dear friends, 

We follow like sheep,

We herd together like cattle, 

We’re copy cats of everything else. 

Collobrating the ideas and mixing them up to appear new but, really have just be regergitated. 

And if you have a new thought, my dear shout it from the mountain tops. 

Let it be heard from Palm Springs to Haiti, 

Let it ripple from coast to coast, 

Land to land.

Let it bubble beneath the ocean and be shot clear across the sky, 

Broadcast it loud and proud. 

For originality is a rarity in this populated crowd,

A rarity that we all hope to find in ourself just once. 

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