Music is a big part of my life. Notes and lyrics wrap around memories, and important moments in life. Moments such as school dances, band concerts, walking down the halls with my earbuds in, Christmas songs, my families off key singing voices, my mom playing our antique piano downstairs, music has stitched itself into my life. 

I listen to country, pop, classic, indie, rock, gospel, and even holiday music. I listen to music in the car, when I learned to drive, or flying out on the plane to Disney world, or my make a wish trip. 

Music is laced in my everyday life, not just from my 5th grade band rehearsal on my flute, but I mean laced deep into my soul. Musical ear worms, Disney music, movie music, I love it all. 

Music is my favorite, without being a musical prodigy. 

>>favorite music of megan<< 

Bry- astronauts 

Bry- your life over mine

21 pilots- car radio 

5sos- amnesia 

Charlie puth- one call away

Owl city- speed of love

Owl city- fireflies 

>>list is subject to change<<