She’s a galaxy 

She was made of stardust and wonder. 

Made from little specks of light from the darkest places of the universe. 

With stars in her eyes, 

And though she may have black holes yet to be explored, 

With Unknowns in different corners, 

Nobody could decide where one side of her began and another ended, 

She was full of all things living, 

Full of sparkling and shimmering things, 

Her mind was an bursting with cosmos, stars, planets and constellations, 

Her body was a source of energy, 

The things she touched became enchanted and full of life, 

When days were bad darkness loomed, 

Her hands were magic, 

Her hair changed with her mood, 

Her eyes not only made of stars but of something else from behind that could mesmerize any soul. 

She was her own galaxy. 

Touch her if you’re curious enough, but remember what you touch will always leave a trail. 

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