A message for girls 

You are not your gender. 
Your identity does not lay within the parameters of your sexual organs. 

Your intellect does not have any correlation to your gender. 

You are allowed to be loud, 

ALLOWED to be comfortable, 

ALLOWED to take a stand in what you believe in, 

ALLOWED to play video games, 

ALLOWED to enjoy sports, 

ALLOWED to be more than a pretty face 

ALLOWED to wear pants instead of that pencil skirt, 

ALLOWED to overachieve, 

ALLOWED to feel proud of your accomplishments.
Dear girls, 

I encourage you to feel empowered, I encourage you to feel beautiful, brave, bold, powerful, strong, independent, smart and be more than your gender. 

Girls, you need to prove to the men out there we are their equals. We are just as smart, just as Brave, just as independent, just as much as they are. That we are girls, but we are not weak. 

Although, yes many girls make a living off modeling, this isn’t to put them down; the crime that has been done is for the men who believe women are not their equal. 

I don’t want girls to be classified automatically because they are “a female”. I don’t want my daughter one day to feel she is 2nd class to a man. I her want to see and feel smart, and strong through puberty into adulthood. To have positive self talk, to say “hey I don’t think you’re treating me fairly”. I want girls today to be fearless. I don’t want them to hide behind their accessories, and “fine tuned” societal manners. I want them to feel like they can take the world by the balls just like any man. I want to see my daughter smile and laugh at dinner and be herself. I don’t want a daughter I have to coax out of her room because she was crying once again about a boy who told her she wasn’t good enough. I want my daughter to be able to hold her head high through snide remarks. And I want my son to respect women, to be a gentleman. That “picking on her” isn’t how you show affection. I want my children to live in a world of equality. I want my daughter to feel comfortable and confident, I want my son to be respectful and honest. Nobody should ever have to feel like they are anything less than human. Because to feel broken is never okay. 

This is a message to girls everywhere, 

Don’t be afraid to be you, don’t let a man tell you you’re weak or just a pretty face. Don’t settle for less when you know you can do more. 

Dear girls, 

Fight. Fight like a girl. I dare you. 


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