All humans fart 

We all mess up, 

We all get messy, 

And we’re all gonna mess up again. 

You can’t go through life without something going amiss, or a flaw in the plans. Your head is going to get messed with, your back will have knives in it, your stomach will clench with anxiety, your eyes will have bags, and your mouth will sometimes work faster than your mind. 

You’ll vomit words you don’t mean to say, you’ll fart out stink bombs that will clear rooms, you’ll run fevers because your stress levels went through the roof. Your heart may bleed out for all to see, and all you can do is stand there and hope you didn’t make too much of a mess. 

Your ears will pick up new rumors you probably didn’t want to hear, and your brain will over analyze it and then your heart will cry a river. 

Face it, were terrible to each other. Us humans. We make fun of others mistakes yet, when we make mistakes we wish only for someone to come over and help us. 
We’re humans. 

We’re a mess. 
But I want to let it be known, 

That if you need a helping hand, or someone to laugh with. Someone to tell you you’re beautiful. I’ll be there. 

Because I make mistakes too, 

I’m a mess too. 

I fart too. 

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