My Un-FairyTale

I don’t ride a horse drawn carriage to school,

I ride a big yellow school bus with the seats taken out to make room for wheelchairs.

I don’t have a prince charming,

I have a marine best friend who will stare danger in the face.

I don’t go to parties,

I go to libraries.

I didn’t get to slow dance with that special someone,

I got to push my own wheelchair.

I didn’t bake cookies and cake all while cleaning the house,

I made cookie dough and ate it all by myself while watching New Girl

My hair didn’t fall perfectly atop my head,

In fact, I lost it to chemotherapy in grade 10.

I wasn’t the thinnest, prettiest girl at school; In fact I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.

But I ate what I wanted and I wasn’t over or under weight.

I couldn’t sing,

But I can totally beat you at Karaoke.

I can’t walk in heals,

But they make my legs look damn good.

I didn’t like p.e.

But I will show down in the core subjects.

Computers aren’t my thing,

But I can bet I type faster than you.

I can’t do taxes,

But hey, I got mental math mastered.

This is my story.

I don’t have a predictable story that ends with a happily ever after,

I have an unpredictable one, With loose ends yet to be tied down.

My fairy-tale was no where near classic,

But it’s mine all the same and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.


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