I deserve to be happy. 

And so do you. 

It’s hypocritical for me to say you don’t deserve happiness, because then I’d have to say I don’t deserve it either. I deserve happiness because when I’m happy I’m not overthinking. I deserve happiness because it takes less energy than being sad. 

I’m learning that, happiness comes in various forms. And sometimes it will come from other people. I have found happiness with my family, with my friends, with the people I surround myself with. The people around me love me, the people around me care about me. I found happiness in the places I go, in the books that I read, in the lyrics of my favorite songs, in the flavor of my favorite meals. I found it with my lovely golden lady, I find it in the kindness of strangers. I found happiness because I found love around me.  I found happiness in life. I learned not to focus my energy on revenge or finding ways to make people feel smaller. I found love and happiness. 

You can call me all sorts of names, put daggers in my back, but your daggers are missing my flesh, because I have people who are willing to catch them before they hurt me. 

I have the best parents in the world, an amazing sister and an equally awesome brother. My best friends have my back. 

They’re helping me be happy. 

They’re helping me heal. 

I’ve found a way to smile. A reason to smile every day. 

I hope you do too. 

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