Team McCleary 

Team McCleary. 

My team. 

My best interest at heart, 

My support group, 

My backup, 

My family. 

Whether it be cancer, bullying, death, or sickness. 

Whether  it be laughing, jokes, humor, stories, or memory making. 

When one member has a bad day, we’re all having a bad day. 

We celebrate together, we mourn together. 

We rejoice together, we cry together. 

We are team McCleary. 

We stand as a family unit, strong and unbreakable. 

I dare you to break us. 

You won’t even make a dent in us. 

So try as you will, 

But we have the power of God in our veins and a fight in our hearts that made us the perfect team members for team McCleary. 

This is my team, and I’m a proud member of it. 

One thought on “Team McCleary 

  1. I applaud your wisom Ms. Megan. You are an amazing young lady! Through it all, you have carried such a heavy load. Without even knowing that god’s grace has been with you. Be strong and have no fear, you are with me and John even though your miles away. Peace ne with you Megan.


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