The next 50 years…

And what will this era be known as in history? 

What will the children. Have on final exams 50 years from now? 

Will they memorize facts of what makes a terrorist? Will they memeorize the dates and times of ISIS bombings? 

Will a child learn about our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as the way news was broadcasted around the world? 

Will the police shootings go into history books? The bombings in Syria? Hurricane Katrina and Mathew? 

Will they have to write a 2 page essay on why we used “hashtags?” 

Will these last 10 years be looked upon with regret and how a generation could be so blind to their mistakes they are creating?

This is our era and we see the horror, being unraveled before our eyes. We’ve agreed the past should’ve been changed things wouldn’t be as bad; 

Yet, we all stand in factions. 

We remain so stubborn and set in our ways we can’t imagine 10 years from now. 

We’ve watched women be called dogs, pigs and slobs in recent months. Told that boys will be boys and girls should just not dress slutty so that we don’t get raped. Told “well you looked suspicious so I’m going to shoot” when in reality they were just black in a white community. Told to ignore things like climate change, and the drug epidemic because it doesn’t directly effect you. 

How can we say we have grown and changed; shaped a better future even when events such as these are still occurring? 

How can the future be bright when the Hong Kong is blanketed in smog? 

Say our future is just blooming, but our bees are dying? 

We say it because we haven’t changed. 

Because in 50 years, we’ll deal with it then? 

In 50 years it’s supposed to be different? 

Why can’t we be different now? 

Why can’t we change now? 

Because nothing changes unless it’s already too late to change back. 

I just hope we can live with the changes. 

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