Dear future self, 

Is there flying cars yet? How’s that cure for cancer you said you were gonna study? Was college everything you dreamed it to be? Do we ever fall in love? What’s the meaning in life? Will I be able to walk into a hospital unit without feeling my chest cave in? Can dogs speak English? Have the bees re populated? How did the election of 2016 go? Did you remember to vote in 2020? What great books are there now? What about movies? Did we get our knees replaced? How are those hips? Did we ever fall in love again? 

Dear future self, 

I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re remembering to eat, and get enough sleep. I hope you drink water and take walks in the park and smile at random things like when peeeps come into the stores at Easter. I hope you enjoy what you’ve done with your life. 

Dear future self, 

I’m making decisions now that affect us both, I hope I’m making the right ones. I want us both to be happy. 

Dear future self, 

Don’t let anybody get you down and remember it’s okay to put yourselfnfirst sometimes. 

Dear future self, 

Don’t wish time away, it’s so precisious. Be stingy with your time. Value your time. Surround yourself with good people, good things, a happy enviorment, and a job you adore. 

Dear future self, 

If you’re sad right now, remember that our younger self was sad before too; and she broke through and lived to tell the tale. 

Dear future self, 

Take care of us. 



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