Sponsorship for college 

But I’m not a 4.0 student But I didn’t fill my time with extra curricular activities or volunteer hours. 

But I didn’t participate in school events. 

But I didn’t get recognized as somebody important from my graduating class. 

But I won’t waste your money either. 

How do you know these students won’t waste your money? 

Dear academic scholarship sponsers, 

I regret to inform you that not everybody who applies to your academic funding sponshership is a 4.0, extra curricular, above and beyond student. I regret to inform you that although many of those students will apply, I urge you to not overlook my academic resume because it does not meet a prescient and perfect looking standard. My academic sucess should not be determine if I am able to get scholarship funding for my secondary education. But it is, because I’m in competition with everybody, I’m kept to the same standards as everybody. Although, at first I kept up, months in the hospital led me to fall behind. But I would like to make you aware that I have maintained a 3.0 GPA which is a B average. Perhaps, it is laughable without any extra curriculars or academic awards, or high act score, or even an outside job or obligation; but it is not. Throughout high school I was blanketed by a 504 contract that leveled the playing field for me with the other students; here I am placed on the same level but with higher standards. Dear sir or madam I’m trying to live up to a standard that is hard when I sit all day in a wheelchair. How am I supposed to walk with everyone else if I can’t even stand? Why are you so eager to give your sponsorship to a young adult who achieved a high standard in high school, but not to a child who tried her best and still only got “average” why is it so easy for you to overlook my academic sucess, because his was better? Why is it that on a piece of paper you can pick out what you want to believe because I do not have a single listed activity I did after school except for “other”? why is it that because he was able to attend more AP courses and have the chance to boost his GPA when I remained at home too weak to attend school? Why can’t you grant me the same judgement? Why can’t I make the top 3 of who you’d like to give grants to? Dear academic sponser, I do not wish for you to pity me, nor do I wish for you to overlook hard working students; I’m pleading for you to give students like me a chance. Students like me because we have paid our dues and now only wish to further our education without being soul deep in debt. We weren’t able to perform as well, we weren’t able to attend after school events or be part of a club. We weren’t able to because our health was supposed to come first. But how can our health come first if our future looms in the horizon, with a warning sign? Though yes, there are numerous scholarships for children like me, students like me, but college has become expensive And our families have already paid money, time, effort, and attention to our health bills; why not give us a break? Don’t we deserve a break too? Why can’t you grant us the funds needed to further our education? 

 But, Dont give me the scholarship sir, please give it to someone who needs it more; but remember there are still students like me. Who need to find their education as well. But chose someone who you feel is deserving academically, spiritually and mentally. Because if you don’t your investment on someone else’s future becomes a gamble, and gambles don’t always win. 

I hope you consider me though as well. 


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