The Break up

Of course I miss you, I miss you because for a while you were someone who was constant in my life. I believed that you were my forever, my one in a million, the love of my life even. Then the end came. It doesn’t matter why or how or what happened even. It just some relationships have an expiration date, and ours had come. This is Also known as the breakup.

For a while there will be a hole in my life. I’ll be lost even. I will find it weird when I can’t hug you everyday, or kiss you. I’ll wonder where we went wrong, I’ll wonder what happened to the buzz, but in the end that’s exactly what it is. The end. I can claim to hate you, I can claim to be over you. But the fact in the matter is I’m not, and I probably won’t ever be. I won’t just get over a love so easily, in fact I’ll cry for a few weeks. I may even hit a rebound and kiss someone else. It will take some time weeks, months even before I’ll be able to stand to be around you like old friends. In time it won’t be anybody’s fault. You’ll be imprinted on my soul like the way cows get branded. I’ll never forget the time we spent together, and I’ll always cherish the good times. But not everyone belongs with everyone. And that is just us. But it was great to try it out.

The Break up will soon pass us by, then one day I’ll be with someone else. And the time we spent together will just be a part of the past. Weather the breakup was good or bad, it will help mold me to the person I am. You’ll be happy. And I’ll be happy too.

Sometimes Breakups just have to happen and we need to be mature and just move on. Time will heal all wounds.

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