Dancing girl

tap tap tap spin, twirl spin, her feet tapped, her body moved like a fish in water,  smooth and lucid, careless and lovely.  look, but don’t touch.   

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You know, I can recall the first time someone ever called me a cripple. It was back in junior year of high school when I first started to use my crutches, and my limp became more prominent. We were all joking, and I really didn’t know what was going on with my joints and so […]

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What’s next?

  I”ve completed high school, I’ve started my college credits, I have a job, I’ve taken care of my health, I feel like my life is on track again. There’s calmness, normalness, and even peace in my world again. I can finally begin to heal, I am healing, and I no longer dread getting out […]

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Who are you again?

I thought about you today, your eyes, and the way you smile, I thought as  I strolled along in the park alone, the memories of you slowly fading in my mind to nothingness, I can’t recall The color or shape of your eyes, I think they were hazel or maybe light speckled brown? Perhaps you […]

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My brain and you.

Am I supposed to miss you? I feel as if maybe I should, or maybe I should feel guilty. But I can not, I can not feel guilty or lost, I don’t know how to miss you anymore. I’ve thought about you a time or two, and some days you slip into my mind unnoticed […]

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The writer creates the universe.

With words strung together, hung together like pretty little twinkle lights; writers create the universe we have today they describe beauty, complexion, hardships, but they also create it all too. Us writers are creating the universe, shaping the universe, feeling it for all it’s worth imaginary and real. 

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Quick write poem 04/22/2017

“Life of time”  
You want to dance, But who has the time to spin on their toes? You want to drive,  But who has the gas and the time to go anywhere?  
You want to cry, But who has the time to have red puffy eyes?  
You want to sing, But who has the time […]

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